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Take your event from the stage to the world! We specialize in helping you grow your audience and deliver an outstanding experience to viewers everywhere.

We help our clients by providing appropriate solutions varying from live streaming of audio video content to Video On Demand, Video Conference service in following business situations

Corporate Events

LiveIbc serves the business community with reliable, sharp, live streaming audio and video for meetings, sales presentations, seminars, and training. Access to the broadcast event....

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It’s always a disappointment when a distant friend or relatives can’t share in the joy of a graduation ceremony. Through our Internet broadcasting service, schools can ....

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Education Training

Liveibc’s provide practical, time-saving, and cost-effective solutions for students, teachers and trainers, and allow such content to be made available to much larger audiences.

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Live Events

LiveIbc can stream your Music, Festival Theatre or Sporting Event to up to 250,000 simultaneous users with high quality audio and video. Live streaming is open up for ads if you or your clients are....

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Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life. It’s a day you want remember forever. Now, you can share that day with friends and family who are unable to attend the ceremony....

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News Media

Our broadcast quality portable equipment streams in HD up to 1080p. Cable broadcasters have the ability to pick up our High Definition stream. ON top of the HD video quality and the amazing....

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Memorial Funeral

Family and friends who live too far away or who are unable to travel, miss out in participating in their loved ones memorial or funeral service. With Live Ibc, our stream can be viewed live by those who are unable to attend.

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Faith Religion

Faith & Religious Services These days, religious and faith organizations are looking for ways to expand their congregations. With LiveIbc, you can reach out into your community by streaming live services, observances, and other faith related community

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Radio Stations

In today’s market all Radio stations would like to be seen other then been heard – live streaming their show can be lucrative for the station where they can sell the visual ads around and in the middle of the show on top of the vocal ones.

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Tradeshows / Seminars

Businesses are looking for cost effective ways to reach new clientele. One way is to stream their presentations, training events and workshops. Being able to have cost a effective HD broadcasting solutions and easy archiving for future....

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Live Auctions

Live Auctions are now easy to have with our system we provide full support for Live auctions from Web development to implementation. Bid online and have multiple HD cameras zoomed on a requested item as if you were actually in front of it.

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Advertising / Sponsor

Add yours and your sponsor’s branding to your media broadcast so that it becomes part of your live stream. Branding can include an opening Introduction, watermarked logo, text banners and tickers, or full video segments.

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