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Live Wedding

Live Wedding

Imagine your own private TV station. A place from where you can telecast the most important event of your life. You’re wedding, to your family and friends across the world.

Friends and relatives no longer need to miss all the events, excitement and conversation at a wedding hall even though they are miles away. Now, they can share it all - with IBC!

Your family and friends can participate and interact across the globe sharing the joy and excitement of the big day as it happens!

A friend or a professional Emcee can present a live commentary of the wedding events and conversations with your guests at the wedding venue, which is broadcast live.

Visitors to the site can sign the couple's online Guest Book - leaving their greetings and blessings for the couple. They can sign the Guest Book while the wedding is on or log in later and leave their blessings for the couple.


Live Wedding

You’re wedding, to your family and friends across the world.

Message received during the wedding will be handed over to the couple before they leave the wedding venue.

A unique, personal, lifelong website and a photo album of the couple

An archive of the webcast on the site for a period of 90 days, that can be seen by family and friends who could not 'be there' as it happened.

You can choose to get almost any important event, happening or celebration webcast to the entire world. Some examples are: Marriages, birthdays anniversaries, parties, special events etc.

The Method

Webcasting is made possible by the use of streaming multimedia technologies. Normally, a file is played only after it has been fully downloaded from the Internet....

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The Process

Your event is recorded on site, converted to digital format and uploaded to our web server in real time. Viewers can log on to the serve via the Internet and view the event as it happens.

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Your Options

Live Like a live television broadcast, your wedding functions go online as they happen - for your family and friends to share and be a part of, wherever they are in the country or across the world.

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Near Alive

A simulated live webcast is like a delayed telecast of an event that overcomes problems associated with having audiences in different time zones....

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We archive your wedding functions for your family and friends so that they can view the video at any time convenient to them.

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