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Why Choosing IBC Live

Live Streaming Services

Complete streaming solutions that will help you get more done, save money, and make your event look high-tech and very professional.

3 Screen Strategy

IBC Live gives you the most advanced delivery capabilities to support your Three Screen Strategy and deliver the highest quality online streaming video...

Social Media Live Streaming

One of the hottest trends in social media right now is live video streaming. Now, giants like Facebook, Periscope and YouTube are boosting their focus on live video as well.

what we do?

We are experts in this industry with over 10 years experience. What that means is you are going to get right solution. please find our solutions.

Business Growth

Business Growth

The advanced online marketing solutions such as online demos, presentations and webcasts facilitate virtual show producers to obtain sponsorships and gather audiences to view the shows

Our Goal

Our Goal

Our goal that we provide the best live broadcasting and live streaming service that meets the specific needs and requirements of our customers.



Our proprietary platform has been proven to work in the real world with real customers and it has proved superior to all competitors.

About us

IBC Live has something important to say!

The IBC Team is a collection of experienced emerging media professionals and specialists that provide technology, strategy, development, media production, web development, implementation and analytical services for media Content owners and producers looking to create and monetize their media across multiple online distribution channels. The IBC team has worked together for over 8 years.

Our proprietary platform has been proven to work in the real world with real customers and it has proved superior to all competitors. Our biggest strength is the combined experience and expertise provided by its founding members. It’s these set of skills and strengths that lay the foundation of our company which allows IBC to evolve and adapt in an ever-changing online media market.


  1. Our staff have years of experience in the events industry, IT, streaming and video production and are passionate about ensuring that your online event is a success.

  2. We strive to offer your viewers the highest possible streaming quality.

  3. In keeping with our mission to provide the best picture and audio quality, we use industry leading multi-bitrate encoding hardware to deliver your steam to the web.

  4. Redundant recording comes as standard with all our event packages so you’ll get an archived copy of your event in mp4 format which is easy to open in all media players and share online.

  5. As each event is different, we pick the best streaming software and CDN to fill your objectives so have the right delivery for your event.

  6. At the conclusion of your event, you’ll get a detailed analytics report containing valuable statistics on how many people attended your event and where they came from.

  7. We’re obsessed with your satisfaction, and our entire team work to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible. This is the reason why our clients use us time and time again.

Our Happy Clients


Tailored marketing and monetization of your live events.

Live streaming now makes it possible to extend the attendees of your event beyond your venue to any city or country in the world. You can now connect your concert, sporting event, festival, school convocation, award show, product launch, or political rally to any viewer with a computer or mobile device.

To ensure your live stream is well received, our dedicated team of production and streaming experts will work with you to bring the same level of quality that you can expect from broadcast television to your live stream. We use the same methods, equipment, and techniques that are used in live television, changing only the transmission method. With these proven tactics you can expect a live stream that's reliable, in high definition, available across all platforms and devices, and full of value-added features such as animated graphics, music, slides, and a live Twitter feed.

Everything we stream is also recorded so you’ll receive an copy of your event to keep after to do with as you wish. Along with the recording we’ll provide you with detailed stats on who watched your live stream, where they tuned in from, and how long they watched for.



One Platform to Connect:

Organizing successful meetings and conferences can be a difficult task. It's important to have the right tools and technology to ensure a smooth and successful gathering. That's why our team provides meeting services you can rely on. We offer some of the best technical tools available, including Zoom, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Our experienced staff is ready to help you get your meeting up and running quickly. Contact us today to get started!



Our live streaming services allow you to brand

Your event as much or as little as you want. We can tailor your live stream event to what suits you and your creative vision. Within your event you can also add company logos, graphics, PowerPoint presentations or even commercial advertisements to give you or your sponsors the exposure they desire. Our live streaming services will broadcast the live feed through Live Stream or YouTube, we can also help promote your event on social media. As everyone is aware social media has a huge impact when it comes to reaching your audience our live streaming team can help show you how to use social media to your advantage and get the maximum viewers for your live streamed event. Our team ensure quality live streaming services for all of our clients.


Live Streaming viewable on all devices

LIVEIBC™ analyzes and identifies the internet bandwidth and CPU used

Our service uses an encoder that is able to produce different bit rates for each video, adapting audio and images to the user's player, always selecting the best quality. LIVEIBC™ analyzes and identifies the internet bandwidth and CPU used, ensuring immediate broadcasting of content and an excellent user experience, whatever the internet connection.


Marketing strategies

Thanks to our platform you can create either restricted LIVE events for a fee

Live Streaming is an indispensable marketing tool for brands that create Live events, allowing them to expand the event way beyond a single location. Thanks to our platform you can create either restricted LIVE events for a fee, or public events that are free of charge, allowing you to encourage user comments and spontaneous sharing.


Technical Support

We provide support for the configuration of the video systems

To maximize the benefits, we offer technical support and advice to ensure that the Live Streaming event is a great success. We provide support for the configuration of the video systems, as well as the encoder and perform monitoring of the broadcast in real-time to ensure a perfect viewing of the Live event.


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