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Live webcast
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Make an impact with Webcasting thru IBC ….!

 IBC, Team of Professionals that use Live, Interactive webcasting and new media technologies to help people to

 “Connect & Collaborate”

IBC specializes in creating effective and innovative technology products to help Local Government and other organisations to communicate and engage
with their citizens. We have three main objectives:

 * Use multimedia and other online tools to improve the communication in cost effective Support formal

 *  Innovate with clients to create tailored solutions.

 *  At the heart of the IBC product set is our webcasting service which enables you to create video content that is accessible and relevant to your audience.

 * By working closely with all our clients, we have developed a portfolio of multimedia engagement tools and services that provide comprehensive
    and practical solutions.These  include e-petitions, video magazines, online discussion boards and event webcasting chennai

 *  We provide comprehensive project management and support to you and our products are designed to be easy to use and to not impinge on
      your existing infrastructure and resources.

 *  We can help with any kind of video or multimedia project including:

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If you would like to discuss your opportunities or a specific project you have in mind, contact us to discuss your requirements. Please call +91 97897 38999
where a member of our team will help you.

IBC is at your service on any time call for Live broadcast your events includes Wedding, Meetings, Conferences, Product Launch & Promotions and also
protection and monitoring of your concerns

Mobile Streaming

live event webcast
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